Harris Optimum Fitness Past Performance

Harris Optimum Fitness has managed several Fitness Centers in corporate offices that are managed by the following Property Management ; Transwestern, Jones Lang LaSalle, Duke Realty, and Lenox Hills Apartments. Our company has had a close and satisfying relationship with those Property Management Groups for the past 6 years .  In their Fitness Centers we have placed a positive Health and Fitness Education program together by marketing and promoting our Corporate Wellness Programs to their office tenants. We have conducted Education and Awareness Programs (including Nutrition Seminars), Group Fitness Classes, Personal Training, Wellness Coaching Counseling, Fitness Assessments,  Health Fairs, 5k runs equipment maintenance and providing customers with a clean environment. Also we have assisted with operations and budget management over their Fitness Centers. Our fitness programs have  saved millions of dollars every year by improving the health of their employees.


Harris Optimum Fitness.